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Toolkit for Provosts

ISBN: 9781475848076

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The book provides case studies for reflection in a broad array of situations that that provosts must deal with. The short scenarios and case studies are useful for thinking about problems or issues in advance and considering options that might be available. When analyzing circumstances, readers may find it useful to identify setting aspects that apply to their institutions. While there are differences in involvement, actions and outcomes, each case provides multiple connectors and situational insights for a provost. The book presents tips on deciding to become a provost, interviewing successfully, and managing the "honeymoon" period in a new position. It addresses challenges unique to the provost, such as balancing academic and institutional priorities or leading from a perspective of diversity. Questions on assessing the "fit" of your team and creating a shared vision of academic affairs are probed through example. Collaborations across other divisions of the university and the provost's role in shared governance guide the reader to examine how to lead change. Leading change is having a vision for the academy and provosts are agents of power outside of their own institutions who shape the dialog of future higher education.