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Art of Governing Coherently

ISBN: 9781475846232

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This book provides clear strategies and processes for boards faced with the challenge to make their governing model, either Coherent GovernanceO or Policy GovernanceO, work in real life. The Art of Governing Coherently is a practical guide loaded with down-to-earth solutions, all based on processes successfully in use today by boards across the United States and internationally. While many of the examples offered here come from the world of public school boards and non-profit boards, the implementation processes are equally applicable to boards of all types. The challenge of governing and leading a complex organization is difficult enough without struggling to develop and use clear, logical and accountable processes. The Art of Governing Coherently does exactly what the title promises. The authors draw from their combined 70-plus years of experience in working with public and non-profit boards, including work with hundreds of boards using both Coherent GovernanceO and Policy GovernanceO, as they present their insight about how to use the models effectively. Their common-sense implementation strategies for helping real boards deal with real issues, and doing it through faithful utilization of their new governing tools, makes this a continuing reference source for boards as they translate theory into practice.