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Rogue Educator

ISBN: 9781475844726

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Educators are natural pioneers; they have always been the transmitters and transformers of history. Courageous educators have changed the very course of our culture by taking risks and challenging prevailing systems. Somewhere along the way, however, that sense of audacity has diminished. Overuse of accountability agents ranging from uniformity, bell curves, statistics and threats of litigation threaten to compress our educational systems into a linear track devoid of color, creativity and diversity. Diverse personalities, fresh ideas and new strategies are required to sidestep the narrow, one-size-fits-all path of today's school systems. As the world becomes more diverse, teachers need to lead the way in embracing their own distinct approaches. The Rogue Educator concept is best explained by taking a look at specific teacher qualities and possible paradigm shifts for each one. The Rogue Educator book is a collection of easy-to-read, familiar, and memorable characters that will resonate with all instructional leaders and professionals. Teachers and other educators will recognize a bit of themselves in the profiles and will learn new ways to capitalize on their own personalities by making the classroom-and the school--a more positive and supportive environment for all.