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ISBN: 9781475839814

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Assaulted takes the reader into a multi-layered set of problems that exists in public and private schools in America. Teachers are being physically assaulted by students and parents, producing lasting, or even career-ending injuries. Violence in schools today has become bullying on steroids, and students are becoming viral sensations amongst their peers. This book details physical and sexual assaults, and verbal and emotional abuses that occur toward teachers, both in person and Online. It contains personal stories, teacher interviews, and national survey data, as it offers reasons why assaults are occurring more frequently today. But the book does not stop there. College professors and their relationships with students also come under scrutiny. The author also challenges the practice of mainstreaming special needs and special education students, social justice and various identity movements, and the impacts these programs have upon classrooms and schools. The reader will realize students have more rights and protections than teachers. However, teachers are standing for themselves. In some cases teachers physically defend themselves, risking their careers. What are the causes of this increase of violence in schools, and what needs to be done? Assaulted provides serious answers to questions unaddressed by many school districts in America.