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Making Learning Job-Embedded

ISBN: 9781475838336

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Making Learning Job-Embedded: Cases from the Field of Instructional Leadership is a book for sitting principals, aspiring principals, and teacher leaders. This edited volume includes studies that describe and detail findings from dissertation research conducted by scholar-practitioners in preK-12 schools. These studies examined job-embedded professional learning-how teachers learned from their work, how they grew in their understandings of their work with students, and how they could learn from their interactions with others. Each chapter examines very specific aspects of professional learning that school leaders need to have understanding about to be able to create systems that support teachers in the work they do to teach students, interact with colleagues, participate in team meetings, and other aspects that constitute the work of being a teacher. Conclusions and recommendations are offered for school leaders to support an environment and culture that embraces job-embedded learning as an integral part of the school's foundation for building capacity. The messages across the chapters point to the primacy of teacher engagement and the value of job-embedded learning.