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Sound School Finance for Educational Excellence

ISBN: 9781475838206

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Sound school finance is integral to the provision of a quality education. Indeed, a school district's budget is the financial representation of its educational plan. Thus, a clarion alert for all teachers: "if it's not in your budget, it won't be in your classroom." However, sound school finance is increasingly challenging in an era of scarce resources. This book provides an in-depth understanding of fundamental practices, processes, and lessons learned will benefit not only all school administrators, personnel, parents, students, and other stakeholders, but also undergird the provision of an excellent education. This book will focus on key building blocks essential for the provision of an excellent education. The value proposition inherent in this book works well for all schools, districts, students, and school stakeholders regardless of location, type, and demographic mix. The components of sound school finance that are increasingly important in an era of scarce financial, material, and human resources are provided in this book.