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Managing the New Tools in K-12 Teaching and Learning

ISBN: 9781475836646

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Managing the New Tools in K-12 Teaching and Learning: How Technology Can Enable School Improvement is about how to manage technology for learning at the district and school levels. It provides an overview of the components of learning technology; these include student devices, networking, software productivity toolkits, electronic curricula and resources, and data system infrastructure. And, it discusses how we can manage our technology efforts more effectively to help our students attain the benefits of this technology. The book concludes with case studies of how this is being done at pioneering districts. We are now at a tipping point in implementing learning technology on a larger scale. This is happening very quickly! Historically, learning technology was driven by a strategy of "technology integration," where we called on individual teachers to each determine how to use technology in their classes and make changes in their own ways of working. But to successfully implement technology on the scale we need requires top-down as well as bottom-up efforts. Managing the New Tools in K-12 Teaching and Learning focuses on how districts and schools can now use technology to bring about the big improvements in learning we are all striving for.