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Structural Challenges and the Future of Honors Education

ISBN: 9781475831467

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Structural Challenges and the Future of Honors Education is the third volume in an edited series examining the proliferation of honors programs and colleges in American higher education. While honors education has become ubiquitous in American higher education, this transformation has happened without systematic attempts to align what honors means across institutions, and absent a universally agreed upon definitions of what honors is and what it might aspire to be in the future. This generates possibility and flexibility, while also creating rather serious challenges. Many such challenges are structural: perpetual budgetary constraints, changing expectations about the role of high education and the "return" it ought to provide to the student, and the changing technological landscape of higher education and society more generally. The contributors here examine the structural challenges honors education currently faces and those forces it is likely to confront in the future, offering insights about how honors might respond creatively to these present and future challenges.