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Teaching and Learning for Wholeness

ISBN: 9781475826685

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In Teaching for Wholeness, Clifford Mayes continues to expand the horizons of Jungian pedagogy, a movement that draws upon the thought of Carl Jung and Jungian scholars to address crucial educational issues and define new ones. Mayes leads readers through an analysis of Freudian and post-Freudian psychology in educational theory and practice, an examination of the epistemological foundations of Jungian thought, and a demonstration of how Jungian psychology can uniquely help teachers reflect deeply upon their roles as educators. Mayes also explores Jung's view of symbolism and its implications for curriculum and the Jungian idea of "the shadow" as the launching point for an examination of education as reclamation of the soul, before concluding with the case for "individuation" as the proper goal of education.