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HM Learning and Study Skills Program

ISBN: 9781475821659

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Level III (Grades 11-13) The hm Learning and Study Skills Program: Level III was designed to provide an introduction to learning and study skills for high school juniors and seniors and beginning college students through a series of activity-oriented units. It is structured on the assumption that an activity-oriented lesson is the most effective instructional strategy for the teaching of study skills: more succinctly, that "learning by doing" is the best way "study smart." Learning and study skills are important for learning. They are methods and ways of doing things that help make learning easier. Understanding how to study can also facilitate learning by assisting students as they complete assignments correctly and efficiently during a specified period of time. Just like any other skill, knowing how to learn and study proficiently must be learned and practiced over time. The Program has been designed to help students learn more efficiently and effectively.