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Fine-Tuning the Clarinet Section

ISBN: 9781475820751

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Clarinets are prominent melody instruments, and a strong clarinet section can make the difference between a good band and a great band. In Fine-Tuning the Clarinet Section: A Handbook for the Band Director, Brent Coppenbarger offers a full range of strategies to assist the band director, the beginning clarinetist, and the advanced clarinetist in developing a strong clarinet section. Fine Tuning the Clarinet Section covers the following topics: *The basic foundations of a good clarinet embouchure *Selecting and breaking-in a new reed *A discussion on equipment *Clarinet maintenance *Intonation *Articulation Strategies *Strategies for developing finger technique *Developing Musicality *Developing a warm-up routine *Rehearsing the woodwind section *Preparing for a solo performance *10 steps to better sight-reading Fine-Tuning the Clarinet Section: A Handbook for the Band Director is an indispensable resource for the band director who wishes to improve his clarinet section, as well as the beginning clarinetist, advanced clarinetist, or anyone interested in clarinet.