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Creating Culturally Responsive Schools

ISBN: 9781475818086

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With so much cultural mixing in today's classrooms, teachers no longer have a choice as to whether they want to interact with diversity or not. It is imperative that educators become culturally competent. By studying the cultural backgrounds of their students, teachers can learn to avoid some of the problems that surface each day in the public school classroom. Today's classrooms are extremely diverse and many educators are not prepared for the increasing need for culturally responsive teaching. Creating Culturally Responsive Schools: One Classroom at a Time strives to help teachers discover not only what it means to be a culturally responsive educator, but also how to strengthen a schools' staff in cultural awareness, respect, and value and how to use this knowledge to increase all student achievement. Each chapter is self-sufficient allowing the reader to utilize only those parts of the book needed. This is an invaluable educator resource addressing current classroom demographics.