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Super-Charged Learning

ISBN: 9781475815214

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Anyone wishing to improve his/her learning will benefit from Super-Charged Learning, but it is especially intended for parents of K-12 children. What parents know about their children is what should make them critical players for their children. "Put the hay down where the goats can get it." That's what parents do best . . . because they know their "goats" best. Knowing how to apply life-experiences to learning is what Super-Charged Learning is about. Parents know their children's experiences. They can show them how to use these experiences to learn. It's about resorting to nonsense, silliness, absurdity, and goofy things! It's about wacky thinking! 'Think children don't like these?! Super-Charged Learning uses the skill-sets that elite athletes use to be champions! Now parents can show their children how to use these to be champions . . . in their academics. Athletes want to be bigger-faster-stronger. Make your child that kind of learner: learn bigger quantities of information, learn faster, hold onto what's learned longer. Young and old . . . it works for everyone!