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Reclaiming the Fire

ISBN: 9781475813708

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This book examines six psychological and spiritual giants that were working a half century ago whose insights are as powerful today as they were then-perhaps even more so given the current corporate agenda to standardize education and thereby take the soul out of it. Indeed, it is precisely because we are so aware of the impossible demands placed upon teachers these days, which overtax already valiantly devoted and terribly overworked teachers and which also continue to ignore the fact that the problems children face are not a product of our schools but of our society at large-that the authors have written this book. This book will help you renew your noble sense of mission so that, even in these trying times for teachers, you will feel more fulfilled in all that you accomplish, will discover ways to renew your vision of yourself as a teacher despite all the grossly and unjustly negative things that are said about teachers, and will find new ways of continue in your extremely important work.