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Thinking with the Dancing Brain

Thinking with the Dancing Brain

Embodying Neuroscience

ISBN: 9781475812510
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As seasoned dancers and dance educators, Minton and Faber approach brain function from inside the body as embodiment of thought. Their collection of neurological research about the thought processes in learning and performing dance encompasses a vision of dance as creative art, communication, education, and life. The book informs neuroscientists, educators, and dancers about the complex interdependence of brain localities and networking of human neurology through an integration of physiology, cognition, and the art of dance. Chapters address observation, engagement, critical thought, emotion, memory, imagery and imagination, learning, problem solving, and 21st century skills. Finer components are explored through neurological networks, classroom pedagogy, dance, and movement experiences that provide: *Description of the thought processes, their components, and their neurological functional needs. *The neurological physiology that has been discovered in the cognitive process. *How brain function can be applied to the educational classroom. *Applications of the neurological research to dance education, the choreographic process, and dance performance. *Movement explorations for readers to experience the thought processes through dance with neurological knowledge in mind.


By: Sandra C. Minton,Rima Faber

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Pages: 200

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