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Education and the Distracted Family

ISBN: 9781475808254

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Education and The Distracted Family is very important for all middle, junior high, and high school families due to the amazing opportunities and the major challenges of technology, especially with the internet and smartphones. Families may be acquainted with some possibilities of utilizing new technology on their own and are informed of some possibilities through schools. Nevertheless, young adults always seem to be much more involved in technology than their parents. At the same time, families can become too involved in or very distracted with their technology so that they lose sight of the reason for being families in the first place. This book provides a healthy guide for families by introducing practical, creative ways to balance these cravings for such technologies, to take care of themselves as individuals, to improve their relationships with one another, and to work with the educational community even better. It shares many different ways to be that much more successful as a family now and for the future.