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Expressive Writing

ISBN: 9781475807721

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Expressive writing is life-based writing that focuses on authentic expression of lived experience, with resultant insight, growth, and skill-building. Therapists, coaches, healthcare professionals, and educators have known for decades that expressive writing is a powerful tool for better living, learning, and healing. But until now, few have had access to practical applications that have proven successful. In this groundbreaking collection, you'll discover: *how expressive writing can call us into healing community *exciting new discoveries about how writing can support neuroplasticity and actually help change our brains-and thus our thinking and behavior *new research on the role of expressive writing for prevention of compassion fatigue in RNs *how transformative writing can create art from the ashes of trauma *the role of journal writing for emotional balance *sensible ideas about the synergy of expressive writing and play therapy for children, teens, and adults *interventions and strategies for the use of expressive writing in acute psychiatric care *how interactive expressive writing helps deaf teens communicate inarticulate feelings and thoughts *how cancer survivors can use expressive writing to reclaim identity and strength post-treatment *the role of expressive writing in developing the roots of resilience for practitioners