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Principles and Practice of Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Second Edition

ISBN: 9781462526215

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The authoritative text on psychiatric rehabilitation, this book covers everything from conceptual and empirical foundations to exemplary program models. Students and practitioners gain the knowledge needed to help adults with psychiatric disabilities move forward in their recovery process and build personally satisfying lives. The book presents tools and strategies for assessing personal needs and strengths, integrating medical and psychosocial interventions, and implementing supportive services in such areas as housing, employment, education, substance abuse, and physical health. Numerous case examples illustrate both the real-world challenges of serious mental illness and the difference that effective interventions can make. New to This Edition *Incorporates the latest concepts and evidence-based interventions. *Streamlined chapter organization: more concise, yet still comprehensive. *Heightened focus on empowerment, self-determination, and wellness promotion. *New or expanded discussions of the "housing first" model, harm reduction, peer services and support, and the Affordable Care Act.