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Citizens in Training

ISBN: 9781442280373

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The U.S. Marines made famous their search for "a few good men." The United Arab Emirates (UAE), however, wants all its men-from the ages of 18 to 30-to experience the discipline and rigors of military life. To that end, for reasons of national security, nation-building, and societal development, the UAE has instituted a universal conscription program, a rarity in the modern world of nations. This report is the most extensive effort to date to define and to understand the UAE conscription program-its successes, failures, and possible unintended consequences. The report outlines the circumstances influencing the UAE's decision to impose military service for male citizens as a framework for an ambitious array of defense, nation-building, and human capital aims. Included in the report are details of the UAE's program with a focus on important innovations, initial results, and relevant implications.