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Visitor-Centered Exhibitions and Edu-Curation in Art Museums

ISBN: 9781442278998

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Visitor-Centered Exhibitions and Edu-Curation in Art Museums promotes balanced practices that are visitor-centered while honoring the integrity and powerful storytelling of art objects. Book examples present best practices that move beyond the turning point, where curation and education are engaged in full and equal collaboration. With a mix of theory and models for practice, the book: * provides a rationale for visitor-centered exhibitions; * addresses important related issues, such as collaboration and evaluation; and, * presents success stories written by educators, curators, and professors from the United States and Europe. * introduces the edu-curator, a new vision for leadership in museums with visitor-centered exhibition practices. The book is intended for art museum practitioners, including educators, curators, and exhibitions designers, as well as higher education faculty and students in art/museum education, art history, and museum studies.