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Gender Identity

ISBN: 9781442278363

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What does it mean to be male? What does it mean to be female? In contemporary culture, such distinctions have increasingly been regarded as much too narrow to cover the entire spectrum of humanity. Over the last few decades, thousands of individuals have bravely declared their true identities and refused to be boxed into what society has dictated. It has become increasingly important, especially for those coming into adulthood, to go beyond the concepts of gay, lesbian, straight, and bisexual when examining gender. In Gender Identity: The Ultimate Teen Guide, Cynthia Winfield encourages readers to reject the notion that male or female designations fit all. The author examines how gender lines have been crossed, as more and more individuals-including young adults-have found the courage to express and celebrate their authentic selves. In this book, Winfield addresses: Differences between biological sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression Legal protections for those outside the narrowly defined gender norms Public debate and shifting views about gender identity Ways readers can make society more cognizant and inclusive of gender variant individuals In addition to providing historical and factual information about gender issues, the book allows contemporary teens and young adults to voice their experiences. As more and more public figures-from actress Laverne Cox to Olympic athlete-turned reality television star Caitlyn Jenner-have come out, it's just as important for everyday people to identify who they are. This second edition of Gender Identity: The Ultimate Teen Guide is a much needed update of an important topic and will be of interest to young adults, their families and friends, and the community at large.