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Accessible Orchestral Repertoire

ISBN: 9781442275799

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Orchestral Repertoire: An Annotated Guide for Non-Professional Orchestras is a repertoire and programming resource for any conductor who leads a non-professional symphonic orchestra. Based on the model of and intended as a compliment to David Daniels's Orchestral Music, this book offers practical and insightful commentary on repertoire appropriate for intermediate and advanced youth, community, and collegiate orchestras. Functioning like an annotated bibliography, Orchestral Repertoire: An Annotated Guide for Non-Professional Orchestras contains entries on individual symphonic works including information about the composer, instrumentation, movement length, and publisher. Additionally, each entry features notes regarding the particular pedagogical, stylistic, logistical, and technical strengths and challenges of the specific work. There are many considerations specific to non-professional ensembles that are essential to selecting repertoire that is appropriate and successful. For instance: Non-professional and student ensembles may not have access to the full spectrum of auxiliary instruments as a professional ensemble, or have players who have experience with them. It can be very beneficial to know in advance if there are any particularly challenging exposed solos in a work. This book can guide repertoire selections for a non-professional ensembles where there is often pressure to make sure everyone is playing as much of the time as possible. Non-professional ensembles often have to manage the reality that sections are at different levels of experience and maturity. Educational conductors focus not only on programming a season that will please audiences, but also consider how to provide stylistic variety to our own players and teach specific ensemble skills through the selection of repertoire. Orchestral Repertoire: An Annotated Guide for Non-Professional Orchestras can help every conductor in the process of selecting repertoire that will both feature and enrich any individual non-professional ensemble for which thoughtful and strategic programming is required.