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The Hard Way Home

ISBN: 9780987587909

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This is the story of an epic adenture that Allan Roberts completed over 899 days riding a motorbike across the globe.  Crossing 59 countries, on 4 continents, covering just over 102,000 kilometres, exploring places like Morocco, Senegal, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Iran, Yemen, Tajikistan just to name a few.

In this tell all book Allan shares how he was faced with all kinds of adventures and misadventures, he was held at gunpoint in the jungles of Africa, lay in a shivering fever with Malaria-twice, was it by a car in South Africa, attacked by bees, battled a flooded Gobi Desert in Mongolia, just to mention a few of the experiences he encountered which takes determination, resilience and a strong will to overcome.

Allan undertook this journey without any support oth financially and logistically, for 2 and a  half years he lived in a tent, sleeping in jungles, deserts, at beaches of some very hostile and very beautiful places of the world, a true test of courage.

Along the journey Allan introduces you to many different characters from all walks of life, as he find love, some great mates for life and heartbreak.  The Hard Way Home will make you laugh, it’ll make you cringe, it might make you cry but one thing it will do is inspire you to go and fulfill your own dreams no matter how big or small, Allan journey will inspire!