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Underneath My Clothes

ISBN: 9780987144829

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Underneath my clothes embraces women’s   body battles honestly and openly - from food allergies to PMS, from pregnancy to menopause, from yoyo dieting to over indulging, it is a down to earth overview of the struggles many women face on a daily basis to feel really confident in their own skin.

When and who decided that we should be judged solely by size and appearance? Why do so many of us set our mood for the day when we stand on the bathroom scales? Why does weight loss and being thin so often equate to being successful and beautiful? When we cease this fight, stop the negative internal dialogue and acknowledge our uniqueness by taking full responsibility for our wellbeing, it is only then that we can release our spirit from this struggle and find peace. You have one life to live so don’t waste it feeling inferior based on weight, size, appearance or lack of self-worth. Every chapter of your life, just like this book, is a part chapter. Today is a perfect day to change your life and make peace with your body.