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ISBN: 9780983198437

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We are all racing to keep up with technology and the modern pace of business. A flood of information challenges our concentration and ability to identify what it takes to succeed. You can take back control by learning to stop, reflect and focus. You can develop resilience and navigate rapid change and stress. You can become more mindfully intelligent. Focusing attention mindfully is an essential skill for leaders and their teams. It has an immediate impact on performance and accelerates learning. By employing techniques to ensure clarity of mind and proactively manage overload, leaders can develop more creative strategies and drive extraordinary outcomes. MindShifting provides a practical roadmap of where and how to focus in order to master critical leadership and professional skills. This easy to use guide illustrates how reflection and mindfulness are powerful tools to maximize individual and organizational effectiveness. Take back control by learning to stop, reflect and focus; Increase your impact and resilience by applying mindfulness and reflection; Build core leadership skills, including strategic and innovative thinking, emotional intelligence, communication, relationship-building and team alignment; Leverage insights from the latest psychological and brain research; Develop an action plan with the short exercises and simple tools in each chapter; Read inspiring stories of successful executives who achieved results by overcoming multitasking, overload, constant change and uncertainty; Realize your potential by cultivating the six domains of mindful intelligence.

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