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Sensitive Crystallization Processes

ISBN: 9780910142663

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Dr. Ehrenfreied Pfeiffer writes: "Research carried on since 1925 has shown that the formation and arrangement of crystals during the process of crystallization can, under certain conditions, be greatly influenced by the admixture of various substances.... Hence, from these alterations (in form) apriori conclusions can be drawn about the qualities and characteristics of the admixture itself." This is an essential element in his work of analyzing the health and qualities of human blood as an aid in the process of diagnoses. CONTENTS Introduction by Professor Dr. Trumpp, Munich Author's prefaces 1. A Method of Producing "Sensitive" Crystalizations 2. Experiments with the Blood of the Healthy and the Diseased 3. Further Specific Crystalization Research 4. The effect of Remedies and its Help in Judging Crystializations 5. Technical Details Bibliography