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Global Health Nursing

ISBN: 9780826121172

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Opportunities in Global Health Nursing, whether as a career or as a short-term experience for personal and professional growth, are vast and the rewards significant. This book presents first-hand accounts from nurses from all professional levels, who describe their experiences and provide practical insights for nurses interested in delving into the global health arena. Accounts from these nurses emphasize the practical, challenging, and rewarding aspects of Global Health Nursing and help faculty to prepare themselves and their students for working in this field. Most importantly, contributors write of the incredible experiences they've had, which result in significant learning opportunities and personal growth. In addition to these vivid accounts, the book discusses the parameters of global health nursing, how to prepare for it, key resources, global nursing research, and nurses as global health consultants. The book includes stories from faculty and individuals with Public Health Nursing careers, as well as from students. Additionally, the book provides coverage of domestic global health initiatives. Key Features: Presents first-hand accounts of the practical, challenging, and rewarding aspects of Global Health Nursing Written for nurses at all stages of professional life, from student to experienced practitioner Discusses varied opportunities in Global Health Nursing Covers domestic global health initiatives