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Law and Ethics for Advanced Practice Nursing H/C

Law and Ethics for Advanced Practice Nursing H/C

ISBN: 9780826114587

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The book presents an overview of the history and current state of advance practice nursing and the law both nationally and internationally. The authors provide detailed, exemplary legal and ethical case studies that frame pivotal moments in practice. The book's key topics include nursing pedagogy related to law, international law and nursing, future roles for APNs that may be legally and ethically supported, and potential challenges to APN practice. The book also discusses current issues that affect nursing law for advance practice, such as autonomy in end of life situations, conflicts between professional duties, and caring needs. Key features: Presents the history and current state of the law and advance practice nursing Summarizes and analyzes legal and ethical issues facing APNs Provides guidelines for how to prevent lawsuits Offers guidance on dealing with a lawsuit filed against you Provides international comparisons of legal and ethical considerations

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