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Assistive Technologies and Other Supports for People with Brain Injuries

Assistive Technologies and Other Supports for People with Brain Injuries

ISBN: 9780826106452

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More than 34,000 different assistive technology (AT) devices are in use today-and the number of devices being developed continues to grow. One category of these products focuses on those with cognitive disability and support for thinking, remembering and learning. However, there is a high level of mismatch reported regarding these devices. This book provides insight for users of assistive technology for as well as their friends, families, and the professionals who work with them, to ensure effective technology use. This book draws on research and the experiences of people with cognitive disabilities using AT, and the issues they face in acquiring and using their technology. It addresses the advantages and the limitations these individuals perceive from their use. The text provides practitioners with a comprehensive and systematic process for ensuring effective application and utilization of technology by their client population, with a focus on individuals with brain injury and cognitive impairment. Key Features: Outlines an effective process for integrating such technologies into the activities and lifestyle of users with cognitive disability Explains how to match individuals with disabilities with the most appropriate devices to enhance independent functioning <.li>Describes how to introduce and support the use of this technology to improve performance and participation in activities, and enhance quality of life Includes figures, checklists, assessment tools, and illustrations throughout the text for comprehensive coverage

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