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From Campus to Capitol:

From Campus to Capitol:

ISBN: 9780801894596

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From Campus to Capitol takes a comprehensive look at how governments affect institutions of higher learning, in the process illuminating the role of the government relations officer. All institutions of higher learning, from large state universities to community and private colleges, benefit from strong relationships with local, state, and federal governments. This book examines the importance of government relations officers and discusses how they can most effectively negotiate a tangled web of political entities -- from community associations to mayors to lobbyists -- while ensuring that their institution's best interests are met. In an era of declining state appropriations, increasing economic instability, and surging enrollments, successful interaction with government representatives is crucial. Whether securing a million-dollar federal earmark or helping to support the local economy, the government relations officer's influence is essential, both where it shows and behind the scenes. The author draws on more than thirty years of experience, offering an insider's account of this major player in American higher education. Anecdotes and interviews with other government relations officers illustrate the challenges they face on and off campus.

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