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Psychiatric Consultation in Long-Term Care:

ISBN: 9780801893865

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Studies show that residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities are at a substantial risk of having psychiatric disorders. This practical volume provides much—needed clinical guidance for the prevention and appropriate treatment of mental illness in long—term care settings.Abhilash K. Desai and George T. Grossberg offer a basic framework for a humanistic, team—based approach to meeting the needs of elder persons with mental disorders in long—term care facilities. Early chapters cover the demographics of residents, the epidemiology of their psychiatric symptoms, and the assessment process. Subsequent chapters focus on major disorders, including dementia, delirium, depression, psychosis, and anxiety. The authors discuss end—of—life issues and treatments and offer suggestions for improving care. Throughout, they highlight the importance of the relationship between staff and residents.Emphasising creative engagement and hands—on care and featuring clinical vignettes and practical tips, this optimistic volume reinforces the potential for nursing homes and assisted living facilities to be communities where residents thrive.