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Adventure at High Risk

ISBN: 9780762786008

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A collection of some of the world's greatest adventures Anyone with a thirst for adventure and a courageous spirit will be captivated by the tales of endurance, determination, strength of mind, and perseverance recounted in this outstanding compilation. The stories in this book, be they fact or fiction, represent some of the most gripping and illuminating writing ever penned on the subject of adventure from across the globe. From straightforward narratives to spiritual reveries, adventure prompts men and women to pour forth essays, articles, and books that are unlike any other field of literature. Editors Kerry L. Burns and Cameron M. Burns showcase the amazingly vast spectrum that adventure literature offers.With contributions by:Matt GerdesLinus Lawrence PlattRobyn DavidsonJon TurkCameron M. BurnsDoug PeacockPeter McBrideStephen VenablesRoger W. BruckerRichard A. WatsonChris DavenportJonathan WatermanJohn AckermanDean CummingsChristina DodwellEdmund Stump