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One Family

ISBN: 9780761871514

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One Family: Before, During, and After the Holocaust, Third Edition, written by the son of a survivor, revisits and expands the authors research on his relatives while they lived in Poland, France, Denmark and the U.S. Kolin draws on newly available secondary and archival sources, successfully providing readers with a dynamic portrait of this one family as a microcosm of what happened to families throughout Europe during the Holocaust. He explores the identities of his relatives not only as Jews, but also as workers in specific sectors, from the slaughterhouses of Warsaw to the leather workers and pocketbook makers of Paris. He traces the political and military experiences of family members and how each family wrestled with the decision of whether or not to emigrate and whether or not to be politically active. The author describes how his relatives responded to, and coped with, the unfolding of anti-Jewish measures in Poland and France. He then traces how that response, whether it was flight and/or resistance, affected their ultimate fate.