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Select Legal Topics

ISBN: 9780761866367

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The second volume of Select Legal Topics updates, analyses, and covers current developments in such areas of criminal law, criminal procedure, state civil procedure, civil rights matters, constitutional issues, and significant recent Supreme Court decisions. Select Legal Topics also covers issues of mental disease or defects in the case of a criminal client and considers the rules in the criminal procedure law concerning motions to set aside the verdict as well as post-conviction motions. Section one analyzes mainly criminal law issues. Section two considers civil rights issues. Included in this section are such issues as the First Amendment, state action, and other more specific and exact issues in this area. Section three of the book considers various procedural issues. The book also includes a comprehensive index and table of cases. This book, to some extent, is general in character but also hones in and analyses certain legal developments in significant United States Supreme Court decisions. It will be of great benefit both to lawyers, law students, law faculty, university professors, and judges at the federal and state level.