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Heaven's Chancellery

ISBN: 9780761864523

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There is no universally accepted definition of moral damages, but the concept is usually understood in the context of torts that cause psychological harm to a person or a person's rights that are difficult to quantify. Heaven's Chancellery describes the difficulties of obtaining legal compensation for damages by victims of such moral injustice. To convey the legal impossibility of just compensation for intangible, and therefore immeasurable, damage, the author presents a fictional account of Adam, a scientist who believes the earthly judicial system has wronged him. Adam finds true compensation only when he is invited on a journey to seek justice in Heaven's Chancellery. By utilizing a narrative fiction, the author invites a wide audience of readers to examine the complications of compensation for intangible damage. Even if moral damage is deemed impossible to fully compensate through the legal terms that we have been used for centuries, the story of Adam's journey in Heaven's Chancellery upholds a possibility of an alternative avenue for justice previously denied to him by the earthly convent. This book will be of interest to students of law and the general reader alike.