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Subject of Care

ISBN: 9780742513631

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All persons spend a considerable portion of their lives either as dependents or the caretakers of dependents. The fact of human dependency - a function of youth, severe illness, disability, or frail old age - marks our lives, not only as those who are cared for, but as those who engage in the work of caring. In spite of the time, energy and resources, material and emotional, social and individual, that dependency care requires, these concerns rarely enter into philosophical, legal and political discussions. The fiction of the "indpendent actor" obscures the centrality of dependency in our lives. The essays of this volume consider how acknowledgement of the fact of dependency changes our conceptions of law, political theory and morality, as well as our very conceptions of self. The volume's contributors develop feminist understandings of dependency, reassessing the place dependency occupies in our lives and in a just social order.