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Knowledge Workers in Contemporary China

ISBN: 9780739198513

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Knowledge Workers in Contemporary China: Reform, and Resistance in the Publishing Industry concentrates on the trajectories of the labor process transformation of knowledge workers, mainly editors, in the Chinese publishing industry. The book focuses on their changing social, economic, and political roles, their dilemma, challenges, and opportunities associated with current social reform, and China's integration into the global political economy. At its core, the book addresses three different yet interrelated processes of the political economy of communication: commodification, structuration, and spatialization in the Chinese publishing industry. It examines whether worker organizations and trade unions are effective in presenting editors' legitimate rights and interests in current publishing reform. Through the political economic analysis of knowledge workers in China's publishing industry, particularly editors, Jianhua Yao attempts to help readers better understand the broader social and economic transformations, specifically the network of power relations and institutional contexts in which Chinese editors are situated, that have been taking place in China since the late 1970s.