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Asian Tradition and Cosmopolitan Politics

ISBN: 9780739128145

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The book is a collection of texts by the late former President of the Republic of Korea and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Kim Dae-jung, along with contributions by other authors including the late former President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Richard von Weizsacker. The manuscript aims to explore the significance of the combination of a cosmopolitan vision and an Asian identity found in the political thoughts of Kim. This book holds special significance as it is edited by Professor Sang-Jin Han, one of Kim's most trusted political advisors, as well as longtime friend - with their relationship stretching back to way before Kim was elected president. As one of Korea's leading intellectuals, Professor Han is best positioned to make the most out of the material since he simultaneously holds the privilege of a close personal relationship with Kim as well as expert scholarly understanding of its academic and philosophical value.