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Live Fearlessly

ISBN: 9780646805498
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You kept it together through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, as well as, the regular responsibilities of life. But even now after treatment, you are still afraid. Behind the practiced smile, you live in fear until the next mammogram.
Live Fearlessly introduces readers to the philosophy of yoga and mindfulness practices for those who desire to live without constant fear of recurrence or death. Is it possible to consider an experience with breast cancer as an opportunity for self -inquiry resulting in living a more meaningful life?
The author, Emilia Dauway, MD, takes you on a life journey from the “mat” exploring a range of emotions from laughter, tears, fears and everything in between. The book is divided into the eight limbs of yoga, as well as, the seven pillars of mindfulness, with the author’s journey and patient experiences illustrating each topic. Each chapter has:
• practical exercises for self-inquiry
• journaling
• breath work to engage the reader
• ways to experience each aspect of yoga and mindfulness for themselves.
The best way for the reader to understand the message of the book is to experience it for themselves. This book offers an invitation to reframe the way you think about breast cancer (or any illness) from a different perspective and mindset. Live Fearlessly is a road map to fulfilling life beyond recovery and one that every woman who has experienced breast cancer should read.